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About us

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Ronsy Pet Food Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a large-scale modern pet food company, including R&D, production and sales divisions. The company focuses on healthy pet food business, guaranteed by professional quality and solid strength. The company obtained ISO9001, ISO22000 International Quality Certification, and the "Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization", "Key Units for Counterfeiting Protection of Product Quality," "Consumer Trustworthy Products," "Famous Brand in Hebei Province," "Top 10 Brands for Consumer Satisfaction (industry) Brand" and other honorary titles.

After 15 years of development and industry accumulation, the company has become a modern pet food company with more than 200 employees and over 200 million total assets. In terms of production scale, operating time, and the creation of social and economic benefits, the company has produced satisfactory result in pet food industry.

 Focus on pet food manufacturing, building first-class Chinese pet food brand! Ronsy Company is fully committed to this noble business, using its own pet food production and marketing experience of many years, promoted by the French advanced technology and equipment to develop and produce the "Aier" and "LiangBei" two series products. It has operations and sales in 31 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and municipalities all over the country. Company performance presents considerable growth rate!


Corporate culture

1、Marketing concept: Win-win with customers.
2、Brand characterisitic: true, innovative!

3、Work style: innovation, focus, copy!
4、Strategic Vision: focus on pet food, building first-class Chinese brand!

5、Management concept: institutionalization, standardization, humanization
6、Business mentality: Market is order.

7、Mode of thinking: Man's will is higher than any mountain; Road is under the foot!
8、Development concept: consistently excellence!

9、Employment concept: Talent is the first strategy!
10、Quality concept: customer first, quality-oriented.

11、Service concept: Business is service; serve customers intimately.
12、Competitive concept: Company competition is quality competition, brand competition and service competition.

13、Price concept: highly cost effective
14、Corporate style: Resolute and vigorous, diligent and thrifty, honest and trustworthy, eager to compete for excellence.

15、Ronsy's mission: developing and revitalizing the national pet food industry.
16、Ronsy Positioning: Based on Pet Food.



Cultural characteristics

【Two high】

High objectives: focus on pet food, building first-class Chinese brand!

High realm: It is our responsibility to develop and revitalize the national pet food industry. 


【Two strong】

Strong innovation of enterprise team

Strong competitiveness of enterprise product 


【Three principles】

Keep people's hearts together by  culture

Manage humanity by institution

Build life by brand.